Development projects

Rijk Zwaan is a people-orientated organisation and has a wealth of specific knowledge about plant breeding and growing. These elements are combined in our development projects which are designed to increase the level of knowledge of growers in less-developed areas and in doing so contribute to fighting poverty in the world.

Huge involvement
By making our knowledge about growing techniques available to growers we want to increase their chances to generate sufficient income to have a good life. We choose projects that enable us to be closely involved, so that we can make a real contribution to the prosperity of the population. Our own employees are closely involved in these projects.

Specific varieties for Africa
One of our projects is Rijk Zwaan Afrisem in Tanzania which aims to eventually provide local African horticulture with hybrid varieties. These should enable growers to realise a good yield, be resistant to any pests and diseases and meet the wishes of the local market. By teaching and passing on knowledge to African employees we want to offer structural help to Africa and contribute to the development of horticulture in this continent. After all, without good vegetable varieties the foundations for developing horticulture to a higher level are lacking.

Take a look at the Rijk Zwaan Afrisem website

Small-scale projects
We also support many small projects which enable a direct approach. We often collaborate with local organisations which we are able to help significantly thanks to our very specific knowledge. To give an example: we support a horticultural college in Chimaltenango, where local growers attend courses on vegetable cultivation, marketing and organisation. And in Cambodia Rijk Zwaan supports an orphanage in setting up a vegetable garden. Some of the vegetables are used for own consumption and the remainder is sold, giving the orphanage some income.


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