Green principles

Rijk Zwaan’s ambition is to get flavour, convenience and health from everything Mother Nature has to offer. Because that makes her the basis for all our activities, we think it is important to treat our environment with respect.

Consideration for the environment
At Rijk Zwaan we use CHP engines which are considerably better for the environment by making more efficient use of energy. By acquiring ever more advanced techniques for our laboratories we are able to carry out analyses with reduced use of chemicals for each analysis. We are also working on reducing our electricity consumption by having more efficient lighting in large buildings.

Stimulating vegetable consumption
Externally a well as internally we dedicate ourselves to promoting vegetable consumption. To give just one example: under the name of ‘Veggyfit’ various subsidiaries of Rijk Zwaan see to it that vegetable snacks are provided in the workplace on a weekly basis. We are also active within the framework of ‘5 a day’; a worldwide campaign, promoting healthy food at local level with the slogan ‘Five portions of fruit and vegetables a day’. We also regularly sponsor ‘healthy events’.

Sharing 'green' knowledge
Rijk Zwaan cares about the horticultural sector and devotes itself to collecting and transferring ‘green’ knowledge. We run projects, for example, in which pupils are acquainted with the horticultural sector and we offer work placements to students. Together with other parties we also participate in the special chair “Fresh innovation” at Wageningen University, which focuses on knowledge development about ripening, ageing and the quality of vegetables.


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