Welcome to Rijk Zwaan India

Short welcome by our directors

Rijk Zwaan India Seeds Private Limited was incorporated in India in Dec-2010 with its registered office at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Rijk Zwaan India is responsible for the introduction and sales of  Rijk Zwaan Vegetable Seed  product line in India. We have established ourselves in Gherkin Cucumber market & are looking forward to being a major competitor in a wide array of vegetable crops in India. Some of the products which are being recognized in the market are Sweet Pepper, Cucumber & Tomatoes for protected cultivation & Melon, Cauliflower, Red Beet, Carrot & Lettuce for open field cultivation.

Rijk Zwaan India has established two trial stations, one near Bangalore & another at Ludhiana, Punjab for Pre- Commercial selection and screening of its products. Rijk Zwaan India also started breeding activities to meet the demand of the progressive growers for safe products, higher yield, higher disease resistance and improved quality of products.

Apart from selling high quality seeds, we share growing techniques with the growers & is also building relations with all relevant parties in the Vegetable production chain.




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