Marketing & Sales

In food-producing horticulture a worldwide shift is occurring towards a market-orientated approach. Vegetable varieties have to meet the wishes of an ever greater number of chain parties. By means of intensive collaboration and exchange of knowledge, new opportunities are created.

Worldwide sales
Rijk Zwaan vegetable seeds are sold globally. From W Europe to the Middle East and from North and South America to Australia and emerging Asiatic countries. We also continue to look for new markets where we might grow as a company. Seed sales are conducted via over 30 subsidiaries and many distributors which have a central place in the market and can give expert advice for local conditions.

Changing market
Today’s Rijk Zwaan customers are not the same as customers of 10 years ago. Rijk Zwaan no longer takes into account only the wishes of growers and plant raisers, but also those of, for instance, retail companies and processors. Through mutual collaboration the entire chain can benefit. The task of our chain managers is to harmonise the wishes from the market with the breeding possibilities as best they can.

Marketing concepts
Alongside improved varieties, where improvements are not always immediately apparent, Rijk Zwaan also devotes itself to developing totally new concepts, backed up by brand names and promotions. Examples of these are convenience lettuce Salanova® which falls apart into numerous small leaves with just one cut, and Caribbean melons with their unique combination of flavour and shelf life. We support our innovations with various marketing efforts.


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