Rijk Zwaan pays a lot of attention to research. This leads to new techniques, which enable our breeders to develop new varieties faster and more efficiently. This also encompasses further improvement of the seed quality of these varieties and developing resistance tests for plant diseases.

An important attention area is research into plant diseases. This department supports the breeders by carrying out resistance tests and developing new test protocols. Increasing use is made of molecular detection techniques.

Seed technology
We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our seed. Important fields of activity in this respect are genetics, production and post-harvest treatments like cleaning and seed treatment techniques.

Cell biology
Using modern techniques at cell level, it is possible to accelerate the breeding process. One important application of cell biology is the creation of double haploids, which enables our breeders to develop pure parent lines for a new variety faster.

Molecular biology
We are getting an ever better insight into the molecular composition of plants. With marker technology, important genetic differences between plants are, as it were, made visible. This marker information is very valuable to the breeders.

One of our research groups specialises in determining phytochemicals in plants, i.e. flavours, vitamins and minerals, but also health-enhancing ones.

Together with a number of other seed companies, Rijk Zwaan participates in Keygene N.V., a research company where, collectively, work is carried out in the area of modern biotechnology. We also collaborate frequently with universities and research institutes.




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