About Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is an independent, international organisation, engaged in the development of new vegetable varieties. Our growing organisation, with 30  subsidiaries, focuses on product development and innovation. Rijk Zwaan is amongst the top 5 companies in the vegetable seed market. Its 2,600 employees work all over the world with great involvement, loyalty and dedication. The company culture is, therefore, characterised by motivating management and a good working atmosphere.

Healthy food
We are engaged in the development of healthy food – a subject that has everyone’s attention. And no wonder, as it is of vital importance to every human being. Our company specialises in breeding, producing and selling vegetable seed. So if you were to join Rijk Zwaan you would be contributing to the creation of an essential product: the basis of our vegetables. In our company there is a great variety of jobs waiting for you, from laboratory work to logistics and from breeding to ICT. No matter which department you are working in, we all make a fundamental contribution to the development of still better, tastier and healthier vegetables.


The primary aim of Rijk Zwaan is to offer all its employees a lasting and enjoyable job with good working conditions. And that this philosophy works has been proved in practice. Our employees are heavily involved and highly motivated, so that extremely good results are obtained. What’s more, personnel turnover and absence due to illness are both very low.


Company culture
Our company culture is characterised by motivating management and a good working atmosphere. As an organisation we set great store by our company culture and closely monitor the good working atmosphere. We respect each other, are open to different opinions and interact honestly with each other. Employees are also given their own responsibilities as much as possible. We feel it is important that you can work independently and that you are (co-)responsible for the results of the department.


Personnel policy
Rijk Zwaan is known as a good employer and has excellent working conditions. We think that it is very important to find the right work/life balance. In addition, we give a lot of attention and care to conditions at the work place and in the work environment. Within Rijk Zwaan there is, for instance, a pleasant atmosphere, in which colleagues are always ready to offer solutions and willing to help each other.
We have good and pleasant work facilities in which you can develop to your full potential. Advice and career guidance by experienced colleagues and advisors are also part of working at Rijk Zwaan.


Your future with Rijk Zwaan
Rijk Zwaan is growing. We are constantly looking for new and motivated personnel. When you come to work for us, you are assured of a position with a firm contract, within a continually developing organisation. In short: a dynamic – and often international – job, which will provide you with challenges for the rest of your career and in which you can develop to your highest level.
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