Caribbean is the name for a concept which consists of a number of melon varieties. They are the result of a long breeding process of Rijk Zwaan. This new-generation cantaloupe melons has a couple of unique traits which make them very popular for the fresh market as well as for the fresh cut industry.

Market developments
Rijk Zwaan have seen the reliability of cantaloupe melons going down, while consumers must know they can rely on the quality of the melon they buy. The melon supply chain, from seed to supermarket, needs to work on this reliability. With the introduction of Caribbean we are taking the first step, together with the growers and marketeers. Only in this way can we contribute to consumer satisfaction and develop their interest in fruit and vegetables.

Whole fruit and fresh cut
The improved eating quality and better presentation on the shelf of Caribbean contribute positively to the whole fruit category. But Caribbean also works well for the fresh cut segment. The aspect of ‘more melon for your money’ (5-10% extra fruit flesh) is one of the key drivers of the fresh cut segment. Caribbean melons help the fresh cut companies to increase efficiency figures. The relatively smooth, thin skin is not only cleaner, but also very easy to peel mechanically.

Intensive collaboration
By means of intensive collaboration between growers, importers, processors and retailers, a worldwide Caribbean network has been created that can guarantee a reliable and flavoursome product year-round. Retailers need a similar product every day, because consistency on the shelf is essential for repeat-buying. The collaboration does not stop at our recent, successful varieties. By continued cooperation we will be able to take the next steps forward.


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