As the market leader in lettuce, Rijk Zwaan is at the centre of the convenience market and we are in close contact with processing plants. We think along with them, solve problems and create new products. Special breeding programmes are aimed at, among other things, shelf life, colour and flavour.

Specific traits

Vegetable processors have special demands. It is not enough for them that vegetables have an attractive colour and a good flavour. What they want, for instance, is as little waste as possible and a good presentation when packed. The wishes of growers, such as a high yield and a labour-friendly crop, remain the same. Rijk Zwaan has a range of vegetable varieties that allow processors as well as growers to make the maximum profit.



Choosing the right variety is a question of collaboration. After all, in order to have a successful end product, crop matters such as fertilisers and irrigation are just as important as the washing process and storing. Exchange of knowledge with our partners is, therefore, of great importance: it is the only way to get the best from a variety. In order to be able to play into the wishes from markets all around the world we work with an international network of convenience specialists.


Successful results

One example of a successful convenience product is Salanova, a lettuce type that falls apart into myriad small leaves with just one cut. Or Caribbean, a cantaloupe melon with a markedly improved shelf life. The thin, smooth skin and small seed cavity make this product, too, very popular with processors. A major trend is harvesting lettuce mechanically, making cutting in the factory obsolete. Our Sweet Crisp Frisée varieties are absolutely ideal for this.


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