Special traits
The vegetable industry uses 100% open-field crops. The most important traits for our varieties are, therefore, a high production, good resistance against diseases and good field flexibility. This means, for example, good resistance against extreme weather conditions, a long harvesting period and a good storage life after harvesting. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more important that crops are suitable for mechanical harvesting, and the internal quality of the crop must be good.

Customers and collaboration
Industry vegetables are an important product for retail markets, food service and food industry. By being in close contact with important food suppliers, we are able to make the right choices in our breeding programmes. We also pay special attention to organic production.

Expanding range
At this moment our range of industry varieties consists of the following crops: 

Our aim is, however, to expand our range with more vegetables. But besides expanding our range, we also want to increase the usage possibilities. Together with our customers we look for the best product after processing to satisfy consumer needs.


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