Sensational Flavours

Rijk Zwaan is convinced that varieties with an exceptional flavour deserve extra attention. Based on extensive sensory research, Rijk Zwaan has selected a number of varieties that guarantee a demonstrably distinctive taste experience: Sensational Flavours.

Whereas flavour will always be number one in breeding work on all the varieties of Rijk Zwaan, in the future as well, the varieties within Sensational Flavours are especially unique in flavour. For instance, a tomato with a surprising sweet/sour balance, or an aubergine that absorbs less fat, making it more suitable for frying. That is how we have selected a number of unique varieties from various crops.

Separate platform
In Sensational Flavours our special varieties get the platform they deserve. After all, these products are offering extra value especially to, for instance, food-service companies and the higher supermarket segment. Ultimately, Sensational Flavours also provides growers with possibilities to serve new markets. Part of this recognisable product line is a very exclusive and recognisable Sensational Flavours catalogue.

Rolled out internationally
Sensational Flavours has meanwhile started in the Netherlands, Spain and Asia. In the months ahead the product line will be launched in more countries and be added to with more and more varieties. The bar will remain set high, for only varieties with a really exceptional flavour deserve a place in Sensational Flavours. And reliability and production remain important preconditions as well, of course, as you cannot have a successful product without a successful crop.


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