Sensational Snacks

Vegetable snacks seem to be the perfect way to increase vegetable consumption around the world. That’s why Rijk Zwaan has selected a number of varieties that suit the wishes of the modern consumer perfectly: ready-to-eat, bite-size vegetables with a great taste.

Healthy ‘in-between’
More and more consumers are seeing the benefits of snacking on vegetables as a healthy ‘in-between’. In reaction to this trend, Rijk Zwaan offers an ever-growing range of specific varieties which represent ideal snacks, such as ready-to-eat, honey-sweet plum tomatoes and small, handy-sized, crunchy cocktail cucumbers. When developing such varieties, our breeders take all the key characteristics into account: year-round consistent taste, good shelf life and, of course, an attractive appearance.

Ideal treat for children
Rijk Zwaan has had one particular, truly innovative snack product in its range for some years now: the mini cucumber. This crunchy cocktail cucumber is an ideal treat for children. In addition, Rijk Zwaan also offers a wide range of tasty cherry (plum) tomatoes which, along with products like celery, radish, baby beet and carrot, represent perfect ingredients for a healthy and varied ‘snack pack’. By developing different varieties specifically for different growing regions, we have been able to ensure that consumers can buy high-quality snack products all year round.

‘Let’s snack’
Reliability and production naturally remain important preconditions, since you cannot have a successful product without a successful crop. We understand that each individual growing region and particular market requires a specific approach, so our experts are on-hand to provide you with personal, tailor-made advice. We are happy to invite you to our demo fields so that you can see our varieties with your own eyes  - and taste them too, of course, since in our case not ‘seeing’ but ‘tasting’ is believing. So, come and visit us and let’s snack!


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