Chain activities

Because vegetables are grown and consumed everywhere in the world, Rijk Zwaan’s working area encompasses the whole world. Together with our partners we work on new possibilities in growing, processing, trading, sales and the consumption of vegetables. To all these ends we have international product and chain teams at our disposal.


We are everywhere
Rijk Zwaan is there where our customers are: worldwide. It is solely because of that that we know the local situation; the climate, the crop and the harvest, but also the local culture, sales market and marketing. So we are not only there, among the crop, guiding the grower with it, but also on the shop floor, to see how our varieties are doing on the shelves. That is how we also maintain close ties with other chain partners and look for contact with the end user: the consumer.


Gathering information
With our specialist knowledge and our worldwide network we are able to guide our varieties with crop information at crucial times in the growing season. But we also gather information. What demands does the trade make of our varieties? And what are the criteria for a variety to make it suitable for the (processing) industry? By working together with growers, merchants and supermarkets at international level, varieties, crops and concepts can be harmonised year-round.


Creating the best starting position
In order to know what traits are required, now and especially also in the future, we constantly study the market and we talk daily to our customers. Whether it is at the start or the end of the chain, wherever in the world: the knowledge and genetics of Rijk Zwaan provide the best starting position for successful business. Together we innovate, carry out our ideas and, ultimately, reap the successes.


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