Crop advice

Our involvement does not stop once we have sold our seed. After all, for all the varieties we develop there is a certain crop plan, so we do everything in our power, together with our partners, to get the best out of our varieties. Not only through information from Rijk Zwaan, but even more so by exchanging information with each other.


Crop guidance
Worldwide, growers are visited by Rijk Zwaan crop advisors. Sometimes at set intervals but sometimes also when our partner needs a crop advisor, when he has a problem, for instance. Together they will take a look at the crop and decide how best to steer a variety. But the next season will also be discussed: what kind of variety is a grower looking for and what possibilities does Rijk Zwaan have to offer? And Rijk Zwaan learns just as much from its growers: by trialling new varieties together in practical conditions, for example.

Demo fields and excursions
Because often growers can learn most from each other,  we think it is important to also play a role in the exchange of information between growers. We do this, for instance, by organising and accompanying excursions to nurseries with our varieties. And by offering guidance in crop recording and comparisons. We also bring growers together at our demo fields, often international events, where crop specialists, crop advisors and growers get the most from each other.

Optimal use of means of communication
Rijk Zwaan distinguishes itself with publishing Seeds & Services and makes use of modern, digital means of communication. Informative websites, digital newsletters, interactive discussion platforms and anything else the future has in store for us. At the same time, however, we do not underestimate the importance of seeing, feeling and tasting the crop. And so we also continue to organise gatherings. We feel that, in the end, we can best serve our customers with multi-media and topical information.


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