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Rijk Zwaan uses cookies to improve the functioning of its website and to monitor visits to the wesite. On this website functional cookies are used to remember your preferences, for example login details. Further non-functional cookies are used to monitor visits to this website. Rijk Zwaan does not use or register this information on an individual personal- or computer level, and this information cannot be traced to an individual or a computer. Rijk Zwaan does not provide this information to third parties.


This website places the following cookies:
-Cookies which monitor website visits:
1. "Piwik_ignore", this cookie is used to exclude people who do not want that their website visit is monitored. This cookie does not expire.
2. "Piwik" (piwik cookies start with _pk_ref, _pk_cvar, pk_id, _pk_ses). This cookie saves a unique ID to identify a user, for the sole purpose of monitoring website visits. This ID cannot be traced to an individual or a computer and is not used by Rijk Zwaan on an individual-, personal or computer level.


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