Diversity in terms of shape, flavour and uses encourages consumers and professional chefs to include more vegetables in their dishes. Rijk Zwaan stimulates vegetable consumption by continually launching new and innovative products. With Cubelli, Rijk Zwaan offers a range of tomatoes that stand out in terms of shape, flavour and convenience. Cubelli inspires growers and retailers alike to make optimum use of these characteristics to the benefit of their own activities.

Special traits

Cubelli tomatoes have a unique, slightly blocky shape. The tomatoes remain firm and their shape does not change when heated. Therefore, they are ideal for stuffing or baking in the oven.

The full, herby flavour sets them apart from other tomato varieties. The Cubellis score significantly better in consumer research thanks to their higher Brix value. Their flavour remains constant even as they continue to ripen.

Cubelli tomatoes are available both as loose tomatoes and as truss tomatoes.

Cubelli: inspirational brand

Rijk Zwaan has created the Cubelli label to help growers and retailers to market these tomatoes by bringing together the sales arguments for growers, retailers and consumers.

The label supports and inspires customers’ own activities. They can use some or all aspects of Cubelli to highlight the strong traits of the tomatoes, such as by using our photos and recipes as a source of inspiration for consumers or professional chefs. Meanwhile, retailers can draw on aspects of Cubelli to reinforce their own private label.

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