Zepto story:

“We’re going to make SN!BS a big category in India”

Starting promotions in the coming months, the Indian retailer Zepto is confident that SN!BS healthy snacks can gain a big share in the fruit & vegetables category. “It is a fantastic concept that needs a lot of marketing,” says Associate Director Venkat Reddy. The consumer platform Love My Salad and grower Sri Sampada Farms are involved in this joint promotion. We asked the key figures about their favourite snack item and how SN!BS can move businesses ‘Freshly Forward’, Rijk Zwaan’s theme at Asia Fruit Logistica in September.

‘SN!BS is healthy, crunchy, tasty and convenient’

Venkat Reddy, Assocciate Director, Zepto, Bangalore: “Speed is in our DNA, from delighting customers with ten-minute delivery to growing our presence across the country. SN!BS is really a fantastic concept. It’s rich in nutrients, crunchy, tasty and convenient to carry anywhere any time. We are selling it online in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. Snack peppers are moving faster than other snack vegetables, which is a surprise for us. It’s my personal favourite, too.

The concept still needs lots of marketing and educating, because consumers are not habituated to eat raw vegetables. As we are now starting promotions in the coming months, we are confident that SN!BS will gain a big share. The Rijk Zwaan India team is continuously in touch with us to encourage sales of the snack tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Our future plan is to make it a big category and to change the unhealthy habits of consumers into healthy habits by consuming SN!BS.”

‘New snack items can keep this category interesting and attractive’

Vivek Jayakrishna, proprietor of Sri Sampada Farms in Nelamangale, Bangalore, Karnataka: “Our farm is growing snack peppers in three colours, snack cucumbers in two colours and snack tomatoes in six colours on 10,000 m2. Initially we struggled to sell these products, as it was a completely new concept in India. Over the last two and a half years it has been streamlined. I’m confident that SN!BS can become a big category in the near future.

I value the support from the Rijk Zwaan India team in growing the products and introducing us to offline and online retailers. Visiting the last Asia Fruit Logistica in Bangkok helped me to believe in the SN!BS concept. Along with the snack peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, we need to grow other salad snack items like baby carrot, baby radish, baby cabbage and lettuces, which will keep this category interesting and attractive. And my favourite item? That’s the snack pepper!”

‘Love My Salad can inspire consumers to embrace SN!BS towards a healthier lifestyle’

Annelies Blaauwkamer, Brand Manager at Rijk Zwaan: “Rijk Zwaan’s goal is to introduce innovation to the Asian market by supporting chain partners through novel concepts. By utilising our consumer platform Love My Salad, the SN!BS concept can be introduced to the target audience effectively.

From August, we are running a campaign for three months in collaboration with the retailer and grower. The retailer promotes SN!BS in their webshop via banners and other product promotions. Additionally, through Love My Salad we will raise awareness of the SN!BS brand and provide product education. Through informative content, engaging visuals and interactive social ads, the platform can inspire consumers to embrace SN!BS snack vegetables towards a healthier lifestyle. Personally, I love healthy snacks. The fresh and crunchy snack cucumber is my favourite.”

Don’t miss the marketing masterclass about SN!BS

Learn more about the SN!BS marketing introduction in India and join the Asiafruit Congress masterclass at Wednesday 6 September, 15:00-16:00 in Hall 5B. Jan Doldersum, Manager Chain & Retail at Rijk Zwaan will share the ins and outs of this innovative campaign.

Join Rijk Zwaan in moving Freshly Forward

‘Freshly Forward, from Foundation to Future’ – this is the theme Rijk Zwaan has chosen to encapsulate its roadmap for tackling today’s challenges, together with its partners. We will be presenting robust and resilient solutions as well as inspiring innovations at Asia Fruit Logistica 2023. Visit us at Booth 3L12, Hall 3 and join Rijk Zwaan in moving Freshly Forward.