The story of Susheel

Continuous learning is the key to success

“Trainings organized by Rjk Zwaan are more of practical knowledge and helped me to clear all my doubts about protected cultivation. "

Farming journey

I am not from a farming background. Therefore, during the initial years of polyhouse cultivation, I faced many problems. I was getting only 15 MT/acre cucumber yield, because of limited knowledge about different practices of cucumber cultivation like fertilizers and water management. However, expert advice from Rijk Zwaan specialists and regular training organized by them helped me to gain practical knowledge that I implemented in my field. Now I am getting the yield of 50-55 MT during Spring sowing and 35-40 MT during autumn sowing.

 I Participated in one of the training organized by the Mandi Board and visited a few polyhouse, which motivated me to start polyhouse cultivation. During this whole journey, Rijk Zwaan and the Centre of Excellence helped me a lot. I like all the varieties of Rijk Zwaan but Falconstar the most. From one acre only, I am getting a net profit of around 9 lacs in one year.

Message to fellow farmers

Give more time and learn more to succeed in this cultivation.