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News - 10-02-2021

“The magic created when experience, determination, and expertise meet.”

This story is about Mr. Manoj Bhai Sutariya an experienced and progressive farmer having 25 good years of experience. He has always been keen and open to trying new varieties and has been successful with his endeavors. In his 6 acres of land, he initially started with the protected cultivation of Dutch rose, then gradually shifted to chrysanthemum and Orchids. He has been cultivating Rijk Zwaan’s mini cucumber since 2012 and is very pleased with the service and technical support of the company.

As a matter of fate, on one regular visit of Mr. Rajneesh Thakur (Asst. Crop Specialist Brassica & PDS Gujarat), he started discussing some open field fruit crop of Rijk Zwaan that can be tried having good shelf life and high-value returns. Mr. Thakur rightly suggested him to go with the cultivation of Muskmelon (Inthanon). He was also provided with the fruit samples from nearby fields, which he appreciated very much and decided to go with the cultivation of this wonderful fruit.

Keeping the concern of marketing of this fruit in mind, he decided to start with a relatively limited area of cultivation. He first planted around 24 TPC in the 2019-20 season which fetched him good returns and boosted his confidence over the crop and the company. This season (2020-21) he has cultivated around 110 TPC of Muskmelon Inthanon and initial results are coming very well, increasing the happiness of the farmer and confidence in the company. The crop is uniform with good size and shape.

Rijk Zwaan is constantly helping him with the marketing of the produce and providing him technical inputs regarding the crop. He is also being assisted with the grading and packing aspects of the fruit. Two types of packing boxes have been made, one with 5-6kg capacity and the other with 2kg capacity.

Future Planning

Next year he is planning to go for 400 TPC or more, depending on the results obtained both in terms of price and production. But keeping in view of the previous year’s results, the hard work and expertise of the farmer and company, this 400 TPC target doesn’t seem to be an unlikely propagation.