17 Nov 2017

Demo Days in India

“We work closely together with growers to realise good yields from a range of sweet pepper, mini-cucumbers, melons, cauliflower, lettuce, beetroot and broccoli varieties. Besides selling the best quality seeds, we provide technical advice to growers and share our expertise of indoor cultivation. Apart from that, Rijk Zwaan provides information on marketing of the produce wherever possible, with chain linking activities”, says Venugopal Reddy, Product Development Manager in India.

“Over the past several years, growers have gained quite some knowledge on protected cultivation and growing methods. Since Rijk Zwaan India Seeds started in 2011,  we have seen great improvements in adapting new technology. There’s a new dawn with respect to crop management practices like agronomy, plant nutrition and protection and high-yielding varieties. This contributes to better benefits for growers. We notice most of the growers are very happy to be associated with Rijk Zwaan.”

South Demo Image Nov 2017
South Demo Image Nov 2017 - 1