10 Jan 2018

Inthanon Field Day @ Basedi, Rajasthan

The main purpose of our visit was to conduct research and evaluation of current and potential projects. If you have a farm, you have a business and that’s exactly what Mr. Khema Ram who’s farm we visited has innovated. Its an indoor 1 acre land where Khema Ram himself being a farmer has taken up this initiative to inspire many other growers.

This initiative has helped improve the appropriateness and effectiveness of growers from nearby villagers by enabling them to be more tailored to the needs and requests of the cultivation industry. It is expected that the information will increase local understanding about crops related issues and potentially increase the opportunity for improvements in cultivation activities in the communities. Totally around 300 guest including growers, government officials from Agriculture Rural developments, University Scientists and Media personals attended the field show expressing their interest on cultivation of crops in open conditions.