25 Aug 2019

Mega Field Day held on 25th August 2019

A mega field day cum training program on mini cucumber crop has been organized on 25th of August at Basedi Village, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We welcomed around 300 progressive greenhouse growers from 15 districts of Rajasthan along with our two-business partners & two government officials- Assistant Director & Deputy Director of Agriculture, Government of Rajasthan.
“During the program, technical knowledge on our mini cucumber varieties i.e. Captainstar RZ F1, Multistar RZ F1, Kingstar RZ F1 and Falconstar RZ F1 has been imparted by our cucumber experts and government officials through presentations. We also had the opportunity to show case our new generation hybrids i.e. Captainstar RZ F1 & Falconstar RZ F1 with blue leaf character to visitors and they were impressed to see the performance of our hybrids” says Dalveer Singh (Product Development Specialist, Jaipur).
With this successful event, the team is hopeful & expecting a rise in the sale of our products in the future.